Nicolas' passion for stones started at the age of ten when his grandfather gave him some stones, he had found in the desert of Lybia and in particular a magnificent crystallized galena. At 15 years old, as the youngest member of the "Groupe d'étude des minéraux et fossiles de Paris", he used to go around the French countryside, with the specialists of the club, to collect fossils and minerals.

In 2005, after a few years in Hong Kong and Paris, he finally started to live his dream in Florence. He got to design and make an exceptional table in hard stone marquetry (pietra dura). The materials (green of the Arno, red of Languedoc...) were drawn from old stocks jealously guarded by Florentine craftsmen. He wanted each stone to come from the same quarry as the stones used in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Then he created fifteen table trays in pietra dura. 

In January 2021, he set out on the roads of Brazil to explore the amethyst mines that he had dreamed of visiting since his childhood and brought back three magnificent pieces that will inspire his next pieces of work.

Today he wishes to showcase beautiful stones in the jewels that he sculpts. He only uses minerals that emit positive energies, so that they do good to their buyers : amber but also amethyst, tiger's eye, malachite, aventurine... and sometimes he magnifies the entirety with gold.

"For each jewel, I choose each stone individually, even the smallest one, and place it carefully in a precise and specific position. I also work on the association of metals and stones so that they resonate with each other and maximize the desired energy.

My greatest joy is to create an interior jewel that will perfectly suit your energy and that of the place you live in."

Nicolas Jourdier