Favourite stones


Composition : SiO2

The amethyst is the stone of wisdom. It favours spiritual elevation, stimulates imagination, creativity and clarity of mind. It allows to fall asleep. The amethyst has a strong purifying power. Formerly, bishops carried a ring in amethyst.


Composition : Cu2CO3(OH)2

Malachite is a stone of protection. In Antiquity, women in Egypt wore it around their necks to protect their pregnancies. Its energy chases negative thoughts away. For the Egyptians it was the stone of rebirth and eternal youth. Today malachite is used for its antioxidant properties in cosmetics.


Composition : C40H64O

Amber is a stone that develops positivity enormously. It stimulates the immune system and helps to fight fatigue. In medicine, it’s particularly indicated in the infections of the ENT sphere. In ancient times, the ancient Slavs likened amber to the petrified tears of God. Whoever wore amber on him was protected from all misfortunes.

Rose quartz

Composition : SiO2

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It helps you to improve your self-esteem. Thanks to its moderating action on blood pressure, Rose Quartz strengthens the heart, protects the lungs and facilitates a soft and serene breathing.


Composition : SiO2 

Aventurine is the stone of serenity. It brings peace to the heart and body. It brings inner peace. Associated with Rose Quartz it awakens love of oneself and others.

Tiger eye

Composition : SiO2 , Fe2O3

Tiger’s Eye eliminates stress. It encourages positive thoughts and creativity. It gives self-confidence. In the antiquity, the Greek warriors carried it to have protection, strength and courage. It is composed of quartz and hematite, mineral which contains a lot of iron. 


Composition : KAlSi₃O₈

Rose Quartz is the stone of terderness. It promotes love and inner peace. Physically, the fine stone Amazonite balances mood swings, particularly depression or sadness.


The small porous stones projected by erupting volcanoes contain a magnificent energy. I enjoy looking for them at the top of volcanoes, where they are the purest.


Composition : FeS2 

Pyrite comes from the Greek "pyros" meaning "fire", as it has the ability to produce sparks. Pyrite improves mental capacities such as memory and intellectual faculties. The stone enhances blood circulation and increases red blood cell count. .